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International Majors

2019 World Championships-Greensboro

2018 All Ireland Championships 
McKayla Boyd, 22nd All Ireland Medal Holder, 
2nd place medal in the Hornpipe

15th place medal in the Reel

2017 World Championships-Dublin

McKayla Boyd 13th World Medal Holder

Elena Olson 45th World Recaller

Grace McClay

Cara Kelley

Kate Fodero

Megan Honey

U13 Ceili Team 27th World Recaller

U16 Ceili Team 6th World Medal Holder

2017 All Scotlands

Elena Olson 19th, recall medal 10th in hornpipe, 15th in reel

McKayla Boyd 31st

​2016 World Championship - Glasgow

McKayla Boyd 25th World Medal Holder
Kate Fodero

Grace O'Hara 38th 

Grace McClay

U13 Ceili Team 3rd World Medal Holder

2015 All Irelands

McKayla Boyd 29th AI Medal

Grace O'Hara 32nd
Recall medals in Traditional Set, Hornpipe and Reel

Grace McClay Recall medals in Hornpipe and Reel

Elena Olson 35th 
Recall medals in Traditional Set

2015 World Championships - Montreal

McKayla Boyd  36th

Leah Menachery

Kate Fodero

Megan Honey

U11 Ceili Team 9th

U13 Ceili Team 6th World Medal Holder

2014 World Championships - London

McKayla Boyd 33rd

​Amanda Corcione

2013 World Championships -Boston

Sierra Donovan 17th World Medal Holder

Doug Lyon 21st

Emma Roithmayr 32nd

U11 Ceili team 8th World Medal Holder

2013 All Scotlands

McKayla Boyd 24th

2012 World Championships - Belfast

Sierra Donovan 18th World Medal Holder

Emma Roithmayr 34th

2011 All Scotlands

McKayla Boyd 9th

Sierra Donovan 23rd Recall Medal SS 15th Recall Medal HS 13th

Emma Roithmayr 16th

2011 All Irelands

Sierra Donovan 22nd Recall Medal SS 22nd Recall Medal HS 9th

Kate Donovan Recall Medal SS Recall Medal HS

2011 World Championships

Kaylie Amoriello

Doug Lyon

2010 World Championships

Kaylie Amoriello

Emma Roithmayr

John Dinelli

Doug Lyon​