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Beginner skirts & Costumes

How to get this look:
Skirt:  http://www.irishdanceskirts.com/           
Select the following options:            
Color: Black           
Embroidery color 1: Red           
Embroidery color 2: Green           
Dance School: O’Rourke
Cost: $55.00 
Bloomers/Kick Pants: You will need “bloomers/kick pants” for under the skirt.  You can pick up a pair of  “bloomers/kick pants” from most dance studios that sell ballet  leotards.  Central Park Dance Studio in Scarsdale is an option.  Blouse: Suggested is a short sleeve “Peter Pan” type collared white blouse that can be purchased at many uniform shops. This one was purchased on line from “French Toast Uniforms”.  Hair and accessories: We use curly “bun covers” for the Beginners with two red bows on either side.  You can purchase a bun cover from many of the feis vendors.  This wig and the bows are from Jeanne Farrel of “Head for the World”. Socks:  White Poodle Socks.  These socks can be purchased from many of the feis vendors.  Shoes: Soft Shoes and Hard Shoes.  We have some previously own shoes in the studio.  You can also order shoes from Fay’s Shoes at www.fayshoes.com